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The Beauty Sailor’s Guide For Summer Skincare.

The Beauty Sailor’s Guide For Summer Skincare.
The love for hot chocolates has now transformed into the love for iced teas and lemonade, sunglasses and hats have become an addition to the outfits, snuggling in the cuddly blankets don't charm us now, but swimming in a pool does. Yes, it is that time of the year that they write love songs about SUMMER. 

While summertime is mainly recognized as a fun time, it can cause some serious wreckage on the skin. The increase in temperature and the humidity make the dry skin drier and oily skin oilier. The summer heat becomes a hub of acne, spots, and blemishes because of the increase in pores' size that traps dirt, oil, and bacteria in the skin. The skin is tanned by the higher amount of melanin pigmentation produced by the higher intensity of sun rays. Just knowing all these things makes it scary to step outdoors in summers. 
But who said anything about saving skin in summers by staying indoors only? There are ways one can enjoy the summers and take care of the skin simultaneously.
Let's see how and get summer ready!!!
The most fundamental, important, and the partner that should always accompany you, Sunscreen is the best friend of your summer skin. The sunscreen has to be applied on hands, lips, neck, along the face. When looking for a sunscreen, choose the one with a broad UV spectrum ranging from 30-50 SPF; it should cover UVA and UVB rays. Also, remember to re-apply the sunscreen every couple of hours(3hours, if you are spending the day outdoor), maybe set a reminder on the phone for it. 
Swap your skincare products- The winters have gone, and you are not wearing jackets, then why should your skin? In the summertime, the products have to be switched from heavier to lighter ones, which allow the skin to breathe. Here are a few changes you need to make to the products. 
Face Wash- Moving from winter to summer, the change in face wash has to be made. The winter skin needs a face wash that is nourishing, and the summer skin needs a facewash that drains out extra oil from the skin. If you have dry and combination skin, use a non-foaming cleanser; it would be good for your skin.
Moisturizer- Don't be in a sham that the skin doesn't need moisturization in summers. No matter how oily, sweaty the skin becomes, it would be best to put on the moisturizer after cleansing the face. The moisturizers will protect the outermost layer of the skin from harmful pollutants and chemicals. But unlike winters, the moisturizer that is to be used in summer should be light, like the "light moisturizing skin cream,"  and contain SPF.
Toner- Since the summer heat opens the pores, we need a toner to tighten them. This becomes a necessity in summer to stop oil accumulation on the skin. The higher concentrations of these excess oils are focused on the T-Zone, giving special attention to that region. Use the toners that are oil-free and refreshing. 
Hydrate the Skin- As important it is to keep the skin moisturized, it is to keep the skin hydrated too. Drink lots and lots of water; it is important to keep skin hydrated from within. And for the outer care, pick a good and appropriate hydrating mask and put it on the face at least twice a week. After cleansing the face, apply the mask as directed. There is always a scope for trying home remedies. Hydrating packs can be made at home using ingredients like milk, tomato, honey, etc. Choose different mask for treating different skin conditions like acne, blemishes, or spots.
Regular exfoliation- The key to glowing, smooth and healthy skin, exfoliation removes the debris that steals the skin's radiance and pulls out the dead skin cells. This removed congestion allows the skin to breathe. We suggest "coconut and coffee face scrub" for the proper exfoliation of the skin. Note that the exfoliation is needed by the entire body, not just the face. Be gentle on the skin when exfoliating; over-doing can lead to rashes and a bruised skin. 
Lessen the Makeup- Use minimal makeup to help the skin breathe amidst the humidity and heat that already suppress skin's breathing abilities. Do not use anything heavier for the skin. Find the non-comedogenic products, i.e., the ones that do not clog pores. Products like tinted lip balms and moisturizers, oil-free primer, powder sunscreen, and light-weight foundations should be used. 
Add antioxidants to your skincare regime-
"Add antioxidants to your skincare regime Eat maximum citric fruits, green and leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and green tea."
Summer is the perfect time to invest in a good antioxidant serum, specifically the ones enriched with Vitamin C. The serum would not only hydrate the skin but also armor it against environmental hazards. The antioxidants can also be added to the skincare regimen through the food. Eat maximum citric fruits, green and leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and green tea. The antioxidants boost collagen production and save the skin from free radical damage. 
Focus on the Eyecare- The skin around the eye is tender and sensitive than the entire face. Use a good under eye gel; check for the one with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, honey, or cucumber. They will minimize the wrinkles around the eye and keep the skin healthy. While stepping out, make sure to wear sunglasses. They are not just a fashion accessory but help protect the eyes from dangerous and harsh UV radiation.
Star tip: Always carry a face mist in your bag when going outside; spray it on the face after every few hours. It will keep the skin hydrated and prevent irritation and dryness. 
And you are all set to go out and beat the heat.
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