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Lighten Your Skin With Moisturizer Skin Cream

Lighten Your Skin With Moisturizer Skin Cream

Light Moisturizer Skin Cream is a skincare product that is hand poured with Love in India by The Beauty Sailor, so your skin really knows how happy and healthy it can really be. This is a natural cooling blend moisturizer best known for obvious moisturization, hydration and nourishment. The Key Ingredients added in this creamy formula are - Vitamin C, Shea Butter, Wheat Germ Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Sunflower Oil.

Let us begin this journey, why you should opt for Light Moisturizer Skin Cream only and not just any other moisturizer cream. It all began with the mix of ingredients that is poured in the making of this skincare cream. Highlighting the very first ingredient - Vitamin C; and why we really choose to use it to be in our skincare product. Vitamin C is also called Ascorbic Acid -

  • Antioxidative - Vitamin C is one of the best ways to feed the skin antioxidants, top-notch part is Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant. This ingredient helps protect skin cells against the effect of free radicals; such as pollutants, smoke particles, environmental irritants, light radiations and harmful UV rays of the sun etc.

  • Synthesize Collagen - This vitamin boosts collagen, as collagen is a protein that is naturally present in the skin. Collagen helps in keeping skin youthful and healthy, which is why Vitamin C is used in the formulation of our luxurious Light moisturizer skin cream. Not only does it keep the skin healthy but it does make sure to heal the dull and damaged skin tone.
  • Lightens Skin - The dark spots, dark patches are managed by Vitamin C, the vitamin does not make them disappear but it does make sure to lighten them. But it only lightens dark patches, treats discoloration when brought in regular usage. Vitamin C also manages in lightening up hyperpigmentation of the facial skin.

  • Smoothen Wrinkles - This Vitamin holds an anti-aging factor as one of its properties. So, to be honest, Vitamin C helps in slowing down the effects of the aging factors and it does make sure that premature breakage of cells happens less. Hence, vitamin c makes your skin both healthy and youthful.

Moving onto the next major ingredient Shea Butter; found in the African continent on the tree named Bambara or Vitellaria Paradoxa. Shea Butter is nutritional in value the Light Moisturizer Skin Cream tends to moisturize the tone of skin, further benefits are written below.

Shea Butter is composed of five basic fatty acids that are good fatty acids to apply on skin -

  • Oleic Acid - Oleic acids are basically monounsaturated fatty acids. This good fatty acid is known for making skin calm, nourishes and moisturized. Oleic acid being an excellent moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and happy. It deals with dry up, irritation, sensitivity etc. It helps in fighting free radicals that accelerate the aging process; such damage provokes complexion change, breakage of blood vessels etc.

  • Stearic Acid - This good fatty acid is an emollient that softens and smoothens the skin tone; in order to make it plump, bouncy, healthy and happy. It not only makes skin soft but it does shoot a good amount of hydration into the skin cells, and then keep that moisture intact too. It is one of the good fatty acids in Shea Butter that creates a barrier between skin and environmental stressors.

  • Linoleic Acid - While stearic acid is creating the protection barrier linoleic acid makes that barrier strong and more reliable. When the barrier is reliable then moisture stays intact and the nourishment being infused in the skin, helps make the skin youthful and healthy. It helps in the reduction of acne and variety of breakouts; plus helps in the lightening of dark spots. 

  • Palmitic Acid - It is a fatty acid act as an emollient, it is an alkali salt and acts as an emulsifier too. It helps in retaining moisture into the skin by forming an oily, water-blocking layer that helps in stopping the loss of water through the skin. That is why it helps in improving dull, dry and flaky skin. It is even used in products o give them a clearer and opaque texture; it does make the skincare products water-resistant.

  • Arachidic Acid - Arachidic Acid is an essential fatty acid and literally works as an all-rounder for all skin types; that is true skincare. The acid helps in the reduction of acne, pimples and a variety of breakouts. It is a natural exfoliator that does help in the reduction of stress.

Other than these good fatty acids Shea Butter also benefits as -

  • Vitamin C - Shea Butter is enriched with Vitamin C, that is why it is filled with anti-oxidants, boosts collagen, lightens the skin, softens and smoothens the skin tone. Hence, shea butter is amazing at fighting the free radicals and a variety of environmental stressors; while making skin healthy and happy.

  • Phenolic Compounds - It has ten types of Phenolic Compounds present in it, eight of those are Catechins enriched with anti-oxidative properties. Along with being antioxidative in nature, these compounds also possess properties such as - antimicrobial, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. Phenolic compounds do create a layer that manages to hinder the passage of irritants into or onto the skin.
  • Works as Emollient - Emollients make the skin soft, plump and smooth; while treating rough, dry and flaky skin. Every ingredient that has emollient in it is a great moisturizer. That is why; The Beauty Sailor has used Shea Butter in the formulation of this Light Moisturizer Skin Cream.

Moving towards other major ingredients in the making of our luxurious moisturizer, those are Macadamia Nut Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Sunflower Oil. Both are only included in the recipe of this light moisturizer because of the unique properties that it infuses into the Face Scrub to make your skin glowing and healthy. Talking about skincare benefits of Sunflower Oil -

  • Enriched with Vitamins - Vitamins A and E are powerful antioxidants that fight growing signs of aging and free radicals. This too stops premature aging of skin cells, in addition to which the oil helps in preventing skin from adverse effects of the sun.

  • Therapeutic - Sunflower oil is therapeutic in nature, which is why it is considered a blessing for dry and sensitive skin. The oil repairs the damaged skin cells and is therapeutic on eczema. So, say bye-bye to dull and damaged skin. With our face scrub it all will slough off after regular usage.

  • Brightens skin - Sunflower oil has skin brightening quality as it evens the skin tone. In addition,  it also decreases the effect of direct sunlight - this also facilitates the lightening of an unwanted tan. Lesser unwanted tan means a more glowing and healthy tone of skin, which also evens the coloration.

Next in the row is  Wheat Germ Oil, which is used in the formulation of this Light Moisturizer Skin Cream. There are numerous reasons why Wheat Germ Oil was poured in the recipe of this luxurious moisturizer cream -

  • Tocopherols - Tocopherol is a powerful anti-oxidant, when applied topically wheat germ oil will help nourish and protect the skin from a variety of free radicals and environmental irritants. One component tocopherol fights is - it helps in the reduction of the effect of harmful UV rays of the sun. Tocopherol provides awesome protection to the skin.

  • Triterpenoids - Triterpenoids or Triterpene has numerous benefits on the skin; two basic and most significant benefits among those are - Boosts Collagen and Improves Epidermal Barrier Function. That means not only your skin will go young but it will be well protected under that layer of Wheat Germ Oil. Triterpenoids are even being used for medicinal purposes to treat inflammation.

  • Hydrocarbons - Hydrocarbons are active emollients, which is why they help in keeping skin hydrated and moisturized. They even manage and prevent trans-epidermal water loss from skin cells. This in turn makes the tone of skin soft, supple and plump; while keeping it happy, youthful and elastic.

  • Volatile Compounds - These compounds help in making the product last longer as in effects and as in infusion of nutritional value to the skin cells. It also makes the skincare product easy to apply. Other than that volatile compounds are filled with anti-oxidants. Though sometimes volatile compounds are harmful but not when they are being derived from some natural ingredient. Hence, a volatile compound from Wheat Germ Oil you are safe.

  • Mono-Saturated Fatty Acids - The saturated fatty acids that wheat germ oil has are Linoleic Acid, Palmitic Acid and Oleic Acid. Linoleic acid contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 that highly benefit the skin, in order to keep it healthy. These acids make skin healthy and happy; keep skin moisturized, nourished and hydrated. While fighting free radicals and a number of environmental stressors.

  • Mineral Zinc - First of all Zinc is supposed to be used in a moderate quantity in skincare, like salt in food; neither more nor less. Zinc is your best friend if you have acne prone skin. That is why it helps in controlling the production of oil. It helps in protein synthesis while being an amazing anti oxidant and healing skin.

  • Extra Benefits - Wheat germ oil’s major benefit is that it lowers the level of Cholesterol. The second is that it increases the blood flow, in order to treat the dark circles and to treat puffy eyes too. Regular usage of Light Moisturizer Skin Cream helps in moisturizing and nourishing the tone of the skin. These are added benefits of using products with Wheat Germ Oil.

Next to Wheat Germ Oil, we have Macadamia Nut Oil for providing amazing moisturization to the skin. Let’s go through the benefits that Macadamia Nut Oil provides to the skin and why The Beauty Sailor chose to use it in the formulation of this Light Moisturizer Skin Cream -

  • Mono-saturated Fatty Acids - Macadamia Nut Oil has linoleic and linolenic fatty acids; these acids make the protective barrier strong and more reliable. When the barrier is reliable then moisture stays intact and the nourishment being infused in the skin, helps make the skin youthful and healthy. Apart from these two acids; macadamia nut oil has Oleic, Palmitic, Stearic, Arachidic and Palmitoleic acids.

  • Omega-3 - The presence of omega-3 in macadamia nut oil makes it a sun protection element; helps in the reduction of acne by working as an anti-inflammatory. What comes with macadamia nut oil being anti-inflammatory is that it also calms the skin down from redness, itchiness and redness. Skin glows amazingly with the usage of ingredients on skin that have a presence of omega-3 in them.

  • Niacin - Macadamia Nut Oil has parts of niacin but they are strengthened parts; niacin’s basic task is to protect the skin cells from sun damage; which makes it a Sun Protection Factor or say SPF when applied topically. Niacin does not lighten the skin tone but it does make the tone of skin even; hence it can be called spot remover if used consistently over time. It helps in the enhancement of the appearance of dry skin.

  • Housed Essential Elements - Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Riboflavin, Zinc and Potassium, etc. There are other types of minerals and elements present in macadamia nut oil, that makes sure that skin not only glows but also infuse healthy sparkling to that gorgeous skin tone of yours.

These are the ingredients that are infused in the recipe or in the formula of Light Moisturizer Skin Cream. Reaching to the reason why anyone should buy ultra-nourishing moisturizer from The Beauty Sailor once, we have a number of reasons for it. Let’s walk you through them -

  • Ultra Nourishing - Top-notch reason to buy our top-notch luxurious product is that it is ultra-nourishing. Filled with anti-oxidants, amazing nutrition, tons of moisturization, gentle cleansing and makes sure to provide an elegant glow. So that the user must receive happy and healthy skin with a good glow.

  • Made with Goodness - It was made sure that the moisturizer must be made with the best formulation and best pick of ingredients, which is why the major ingredient list goes totally organic - shea butter, macadamia nut oil, sunflower oil and wheat germ oil. This mix of ingredients is all good because they are completely formulated out of goodness and are of total superior quality.

  • Hydrates Naturally - Moisturizers are supposed to be hydrating in nature, because when hydration is infused into the skin tone only then the further process of capturing moisture begin. That is why; such a mix of ingredients is chosen to make the product a natural hydrator for skin cells. It has a natural cooling blend, hence it hydrates deeply.

  • Cleanses and Tones - The moisturizer not only enhances the tone of skin but it makes sure that to clean the skin cells. As the moisturizer makes sure to cleanse and clear the dead, dull and damaged skin. It mostly repairs that is how the moisturizer cleanses the skin, it nourishes and repairs.

  • Skin Repairing Oils - The oil is formulated with three base oils: Macadamia Nut Oil, Sunflower Oil and Wheat Germ Oil. These oils make sure the skin stays nourished; and whatever cells are breaking prematurely, getting dull - damaged - dead, dehydrated skin tone etc - to nourish them and keep them repaired. Sunflower oil tends to give an enhanced glowing tone to the skin.

  • Good Fatty Acids - The formula has a number of good fatty acids - Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleic, Linolenic, Stearic, Arachidic and Palmitoleic. These acids are in all major ingredients that is why the effect of moisturizer becomes strong, in order to give them healthy and happy skin that is moisturized and nourished.

  • Therapy in Bottle - We call The Light Moisturizer Skin Cream - a therapy in the bottle because the cream shields the skin from a number of variants and helps in treating a number of concerns. Mostly the moisturizer is mild - so it suits all kinds of skin tones. The moisturizer fights against environmental stressors or variants to make sure the nutrition that is infused in the skin stays there to give flawless skincare.

  • Enhance Radiance - Sunflower oil is the ingredient that provides enhanced radiance or glows. Secondly, Vitamin C is a complete package of anti-oxidants and anti-oxidants that make sure to give an amazing glow while fixing the skin cells. This ingredient Vitamin C helps protect skin cells against the effect of free radicals; such as pollutants, smoke particles, environmental irritants, light radiations and harmful UV rays of the sun etc. So after such a package of security, only one thing remains that is glowing and nourished skin tone.

  • Not at all harmful - The moisturizer is not at all harmful because it is hand-poured with love in India and suits all skin types. Majorly, it was made sure that no paraben, no sulphate, no nasties shall be used and the product shall be made only with nature-derived ingredients. The best part is the formulation of the product is completely powered by science.

  • Additional Benefits - The additional benefits of The Beauty Sailor’s light moisturizer skin cream is easy to use and has an amazing aroma. The moisturizer comes in a pump glass bottle, which is simple and easy to use. The fragrance that the cream leaves on your face is mild and heart-warming.

That is why The Beauty Sailor’s Light Moisturizer Skin Cream is better than any else moisturizer present in the market, or being offered by any other brand. We hope your query must be sorted now. So, why wait - get yourself and your loved ones this amazing moisturizer. Make the skin healthy and happy. Skincare is all you need.


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