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Nutrients Your Skin Needs And Their Sources

Nutrients Your Skin Needs And Their Sources
An essential part of our health; rather, the ones that determine our health, Nutrients are the indispensable need of our body. A body without nutrients is like a vehicle without fuel. The body consumes nutrients from different kinds of diets that we eat. As it is rightly said, "eat healthy to stay healthy," a wrong diet with nasty ingredients can generate many problems in your body. It can lead to weight gain, damaged metabolism, and organs. 

One more organ that can be positively affected by poor diet is THE SKIN. 
Although skincare is mostly diverted towards the topical applications and do's and dont's related to it, eating healthy and consuming the right ingredients is equally crucial. The holistic view of treating, feeding, and nourishing the body inside-out is what can help you attain healthy, radiant, and flawless skin. 
We are listing a few nutrients that are vital for the health of the skin.
Let us tell you what you should be eating on your way to healthy skin.
1. Essential fatty acids 
"Essential" in the name itself justifies why these EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) are important for the skin and body. The waist that you are aspiring for may get a little scared to hear about you having the fats, but here we are talking about healthy fats that the skin needs to be fed. Omega 3's and 6's are the EFA's that keep your skin hydrated and healthy and create an effective barrier for outside bacteria and other microbes. The EFA's help in reducing the sun's sensitivity towards the sun. They calm the inflammation that comes with acne. 
However, these wonderful acids are not produced by the body but have to be taken from outside. Two of the many foods rich in Omega 3's and 6's are mentioned below and know why they should become a part of your diet. 
  • FATTY FISHES- Fishes like salmon, mackerel, and herring contribute a lot to let you have glowing skin. Enriched with omega-3, they help your dry skin become elastic, thick, and hydrated.
  • WALNUTS- Several benefits and characteristics bags walnuts a secure and high place in the world of skincare. Omega 3's and 6's are both present in walnuts with a concentration relatively higher than any other types of nuts. In western diets finding Omega 6's is more manageable than Omega 3's. Walnuts combat inflammation and help in the proper functioning of the skin. 
2. Vitamin A
Vitamin A is one of the most requisite nutrients when it comes to skincare. Not only it enhances collagen production, but it also controls the production of keratin. Vitamin A helps in balancing the skin oils, hence protecting it from acne. It normalizes the tyrosinase enzyme in the skin that regulates melanin production responsible for hyperpigmentation. Therefore reduction in the appearance of hyperpigmentation. By assisting the promotion of collagen, vitamin A leads to firmer, fresh, and luminous skin. Vitamin A also takes care of the two upper layers of skin, i.e., dermis and epidermis. 
Vitamin A is very commonly found in the following foods. 
  • SWEET POTATO- Sweet Potato is an excellent beta carotene source that breaks down into Vitamin A inside our body. When we consume it, the antioxidant action of Vitamin A fuses in the skin and helps it against the sun's damage. It also limits cell death, dry and wrinkled skin, and sunburns. 
  • SPINACH- You may not like spinach in your meals, but you should make it an essential part of your diet. An excellent source of proteins, vitamin A and C, etc., spinach fights against various skin related problems. 
An essential material for sound skin health. It helps in healing the wounds after an injury. Zinc helps in the regulation of sebum and transportation of vitamin A in the body. It acts like an antioxidant and guards the skin against sun damage. Zinc has an impact on the skin's ability to shed off dead skin cells. To specialize the cells as they divide and grow, zinc helps in keeping the cell wall stable. 
These days the perfect source for zinc has to be its supplements. The ratio of zinc in food has deteriorated over the passing time because the soil that incorporates zinc to food has become a zinc deficit.
4. Vitamin C
Remember "C" in vitamin C for COLLAGEN. Vitamin C is an antioxidant responsible for working against harmful UV radiation and reducing skin cancer chances. It supports and promotes collagen production and also accelerates wound healing. Vitamin C's major function is its ability to combat the foul little free radicals, which are the main reasons for skin's premature aging. 
It is the most easily available and approachable nutrient found in an array of fruits and vegetables. Some of the foods are listed below. 
  • BROCCOLI- A green vegetable from the cabbage family, Broccoli contains Vitamin C in large amounts. The concentration of Vitamin C is more in Broccoli than in orange. It detoxifies the body, boosts metabolism, and makes the skin look younger. 
  • Orange- There are antioxidants found in orange that slowdowns the aging and wrinkles. Citric Acid in orange dries out the acne, exfoliates the skin, and refines its overall appearance. The concentration of vitamin C is higher in the orange peel than the fruit; that is why it is used in many face packs and scrubs.

Nutrients Your Skin Needs And Their Sources

These are not all the nutrients that your skin needs but a few but the most important out of them. Your diet determines your health and body. Be careful with what you eat, and you will have the skin that you need. 
Bidding farewell, only to see you again.
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