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Coffee Face Wash for Oily and Dry Skin | Acne & Oil Control, Hydrating Face Wash – 100 ML

Over the passing decade, coffee has paved its way as an alternative skin remedy. The Beauty Sailor keeping up with the pacing time, introduces Energizing and cleansing Coffee Face Wash, which makes sure that your skin wakes up when you wake up in the morning. Laden with pure coffee, this face wash sucks out the impurities and leaves your skin breathing. The face wash for pimples and anti-aging skin that contains coffee removes dead skin cells, and the addition of Polyphenol acts as sun protecting agents, hence saving the fresh skin from harmful UV radiations. Undoubtedly, this newly found joy of coffee facewash for keeping your skin fresh is worth it.

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Avocado & Tea Tree Oil Face Wash | Anti Acne, Oil Clear Face Wash for Refreshing Glow – 100 ML

From pollution to makeup, late-night getaways to a full day of work, it's the skin that suffers the most and skin paid the least attention. Reward your skin with the gift of tender and complete cleansing with purifying and refreshing Avocado and Tea Tree Oil Face wash by The Beauty Sailor. The face wash will smoothen, calm and hydrate your skin. It keeps the skin refreshed for entire day's journey.

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The Beauty Sailor Face Wash

We all aspire to have healthy skin but did you know that hygiene is the first step towards health? If you want to have glowing skin, you must work on its health and health begins with cleansing. Understanding the importance of skin hygiene, The Beauty Sailor has curated a range of natural face wash that are gentle on the skin but tough on impurities. 

Which face wash will suit your skin type?

All of us have different kinds of skin but to make it easy, we have divided it into 4 types: Oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and sensitive skin. Each skin type has its own quirks and requires a different approach for care. 

Oily skin

A good face wash for oily skin type would be an oil clearing formula that will also deep cleanse your pores and unclog them. Antibacterial properties or antifungal properties are something that you should look for when you buy your face cleanser as your skin type is prone to acne causing bacteria. Our recommendation for you would be The Beauty Sailor’s Avocado & Tea Tree Oil Face Wash with basil and aloe vera. It will remove the excess oil from your skin with the goodness of trusted natural ingredients.

Dry skin

If you have skin that feels stretched or itchy then you need a good face wash for dry skin. It is necessary to remove the dead skin build up from the skin while staying gentle on the skin. Strong formulations will only hamper your skin more. We will recommend The Beauty Sailor’s Coffee Face Wash for such skin types. Coffee is a great cleanser and gentle exfoliator that will reduce your dead skin build up or flakiness over time. It will balance your skin’s pH level and make your skin healthier. Balanced skin naturally produces the oils required to combat dryness. 

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin requires a little more care than other skin types as it is prone to an adverse reaction from the different substances it comes in contact with. If you have this skin type, you should use a face wash for sensitive skin that has no toxins. The Beauty Sailor’s Paraben Free Face Wash range is suitable for you as it is free from harmful chemicals.

Combination skin

If you have skin that feels oily on some areas of the face and dry on the others, then you should use a face wash for combination skin. It has both moisturizing and oil clearing properties. The Beauty Sailor’s Avocado and Tea Tree Face Wash has the moisture content of avocado oil and the oil clearing benefits of tea tree and basil to give you that balanced and even toned skin. 


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