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Walnut, Coffee and Coconut Face Scrub | Tan and Blackhead Removal, Exfoliating Face Scrub for Skin Brightening – 100 GM

Infused with a finely ground walnut and Coffee, prepared in natural and pure sunflower oil, Sparkling Skin Walnut, Coffee, and Coconut Scrub by The Beauty Sailor is the perfect fit if you are looking for a scrub to exfoliate, deeply cleanse, and nourish your tender skin. It brushes away the dead skin, impurities, dirt, blackheads, and excessive oils, making your skin radiant, light, bright, and flawless.

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The Beauty Sailor Face Scrub


The Beauty Sailor’s Face Scrub is a mix of 5 wonderful ingredients that your skin needs. Made with Coffee, Walnut, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Sunflower Oil, this skincare product is a perfectly balanced treatment for blackheads. Walnuts are tough on impurities and scrub off dead skin cells. They also boost the texture of this face scrub for blackheads in their extract form. Coffee balances the skin’s pH levels, boosts blood circulation and makes this anti-aging face scrub for wrinkles even more potent. 


Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Sunflower Oil are all immensely moisturizing for the skin and they give this face scrub for dry skin an even more nourishing blend. Beeswax and sunflower oil also have collagen boosting properties that smoothen the skin and help with minimal fine lines as well. Coconut oil is a skincare gem that all of us have been using since we were kids. It brightens, moisturizes and strengthens the skin with its trusted benefits for skin.


Why do you need a face scrub?


Your skin is made up of a lot of cells and these cells have a certain life time. Once a cell stops functioning as it should be, we call it a dead skin cell. These cells naturally shed off from your face as they die and lose their connection with other skin cells. But sometimes, cells die and remain in the skin. They form a tough, inactive and dull layer of skin which hides the other newer, brighter and healthier cells beneath them. To remove this layer, we need to scrub them off. A face scrub is the gentlest and most effective way to do so. A good facial scrub has granular particles along with a moisturizing cream or oil base to scrub off dead skin and be gentle while doing so.


Benefits of using a face scrub


A good quality face scrub can change your skin care game. The key is to find one that suits your skin type and meets the requirements of your skin. If you have found your perfect match, you will be able to:


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