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Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion | Premium Avocado Body Lotion for Deep Moisturization & Nourishment – 300 ML

Healthy and Moisturizing Body Lotion by The Beauty Sailor is a premium face and body lotion enriched with Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera extracts, and more. It is uniquely formulated to keep your thirsty skin moisturized and, at the same time, give it a velvety and oil-free texture. The blend of Avocado and Jojoba oil, along with Aloe-vera extracts and vitamin E, protects, nourishes, and softens the skin. Jojoba Oil helps keep your skin hydrated and moisturized for a long time by forming a protective layer over the skin's surface. Jojoba Oil is deeply penetrative hence non-greasy, and soothes dry skin. Avocado Oil present in this hydrating body lotion is a carrier oil that removes the excess oil, which helps prevent acne. The aromatic properties add to its qualities, giving you the perfect experience of rejuvenation.

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The Beauty Sailor Body Lotion


When it comes to skin care, we often limit ourselves to the face. But what about the skin on the rest of our body? It requires care and nourishment too. That is where a body lotion comes in. It caters to the specific needs of your body’s skin which is slightly different from your face. A good body lotion is thick, nourishing and should suit your skin type. 


Why Should You Wear A Body Lotion?


Body lotions offer a plethora of skin care benefits. They are moisturising, nourishing and form a protective layer on the skin. Mainly,


Body Lotion Hydrates Your Skin


The body regularly loses moisture due to wind, sunlight, heat, or cold conditions, just like your face does. Giving your skin a regular dose of hydration and moisture becomes important and that is what body lotions for dry skin are designed for. They also protect the skin's natural moisture barrier and stop moisture from evaporating. 


Makes The Skin Soft


If your skin feels dry and rough or you aspire to have a baby soft skin then a body lotion for sensitive skin can be your best friend. It makes the skin soft and smooth with regular use. The best time to use it for the maximum benefit is right after you shower. 


Keeps Your Skin Healthy


Body lotions are usually made with nourishing ingredients and highly penetrative formulas. The nutritious ingredients help to restore your skin's natural defence system in addition to enhancing the skin barrier. It maintains the equilibrium of the skin's microbiome and aids in protecting your skin from foreign bacteria. In short, your skin stays healthy.


Prevents Signs Of Aging


Did you know that the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation can be reduced if you keep your skin moisturized? A body lotion for wrinkles helps to prevent early symptoms of ageing by maintaining the moisture in your skin. Your skin stays firm yet soft and signs of aging stay away. 

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