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How To Make Your Face Glow?

23 February, 2021

Author: Team TBS

Various brightening creams show us the dream of giving a lightened and glowing skin, without actually working. Having glowing skin is still a dream of many. A component that signals that you have healthy skin is the glow. From performing an entire day in front of the computer screen or the lack of sleep, these days the lifestyles have become so hectic and fast that the skin gets robbed of its radiance. And a dull-looking skin is never considered the sign of healthy skin; to add, it makes you look better when you are the best. 

Gone are the times when you needed to spend 6-8 hours in the spas and salons to have glowing skin. With these following tips and tricks, you can have a spa-like glow at home; all you need to do is place some orders and follow a routine. 
The first thing you should do to have glowing and radiant skin is to drink lots and lots of water. It is a win-win situation for you between not having to spend a single penny for this hack and having a natural glow.

Secondly, take ample amount of sleep and eat healthily. We know the lives are running fast, time to sleep and eat have lessened, but these essential for your body and skin. 

Now that we know what is to be done from within our body to reach our goal of radiant skin, let us move on further to see how to choose the perfect products to help attain our goals topically. 

1.    Face Serum with Vitamin C-
Face serum to skincare is like oxygen to human beings. Without face serum, the skincare is not complete. To target the specific problem of dull-looking skin, there is nothing better than a face serum with vitamin C. Touted as one of the most potent anti-aging ingredients; Vitamin C makes the skin young, bright, and glowing. One such serum that we would like to recommend is Face Serum by The Beauty Sailor. This face serum with vitamin C gives your skin a redefined glow and hydrates it well. It is a unique combination of Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and Aloe Vera extract that freshens your skin along with reducing hyperpigmentation. The serum protects you from harmful UV rays, thus maintaining the quality health of your skin. It contains Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which we like to call as, next-gen Vitamin C derivative. It lightens the skin and enhances collagen synthesis. In addition to providing radiance, the face serum prevents early signs of aging. It comforts your skin against irritation and inflammation.

2.    A Skin Brightening Cream That Actually Works
Now that we know what routine is to be followed and what serum is to be used, let us see a brightening cream that will enhance the process. When applied alone, the brightening creams can not work much effectively, but on being powered with the serum and healthy habits beforehand, you can see the change yourself. The Brightening Cream that we like the most is by The Beauty Sailor. It is formulated with the goodness and superiority of Alpha Arbutin, Chamomile, and Bearberry Extract. Alpha Arbutin used in this cream is a hidden star ingredient that not everyone has heard of. It is a naturally occurring antioxidant that is effective and, at the same time, suitable to all skin types. It carries all the brightening qualities that Hydroquinone has but is a safer and better alternative. Chamomile, on the other hand, imparts a natural glow to your skin.

All in all, the cream lightens, brightens, and evens the tone of your skin naturally. While most skin brightening creams available prove to be harsh on your skin, The Beauty Sailor has brought to you and your delicate skin brightening cream that subtly but visibly lightens. The cream has a nonsticky texture and pleasant aroma to give you an experience that is blissful and tranquil.

Reaching our way to have a glowing skin is a commitment that we have to make to ourselves. The change doesn't come in one day. 

Just remember glowing skin doesn't represent you; you mean the glowing skin. 
Stay Be(you)tiful, forever. 

Come and sail in the ocean of luxury beauty with The Beauty Sailor.

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