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Wheat Germ Oil


WheatGerm is an embryo of seed from which the wheat plant germinates. The germ is enriched with nutritious plant proteins, healthy fats, a strange combination of various vitamins such as A, B, D, E, and K, zinc, potassium, iron, etc. Wheat Germ oil is extracted from it.  

Natural Collagen

Raises the collagen levels and prevents the skin from premature aging.

Skin Healer

Has great healing properties in addition to skin safety.


 It contains cyclic monoterpenes in large amounts, because of which it has antimicrobial properties.


Helps soothe dry skin by lessening the irritation and itchiness.

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Intensive Hydrating Light Moisturizer Skin Cream 50 GM

The Beauty Sailor brings you Ultra Nourishing Light Moisturizer Skin Cream. The blend of Macadamia Oil, Wheat germ Oil, and Sunflower Oil nourishes and moisturizes your skin to the deepest core and fight pollutants. The high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins in Shea Butter make the cream splendidly softening. Give your skin the love it deserves with The Beauty Sailor's Light Moisturizer Skin Cream.

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