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Orange Fruit Extract


The winter love ORANGE is not just limited to its juicy and yummy taste but also has other qualities that make it worth praising. Out of all these qualities, one is its benefits for the skin. Be it eating an orange, drinking its juice, or applying its extract on the face, every part of the orange is beneficial for the body and skin. It supplies the body with good nutrients when eaten and treats and safeguards the skin when applied.

  • The orange extract improves the overall tone of the skin. It lightens dark spots, reduces hyperpigmentation, vanishes away from the blemishes, and has moderate bleaching qualities.

  • It is one of the major anti-aging ingredients; it contains Vitamin E that is a very rich source of antioxidants, and is known for preventing wrinkles.

  • The orange extract has astringent properties. It is very gentle on the skin and gets rid of any form of irritation and itchiness.

  • By balancing the oils on the skin, it helps prevent the skin against the formation of acne. Further, it also lightens the acne scarring.
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Skin Renewal & Hydrating Green Tea Skin Elixir 50 GM

Restore your skin's radiance with Skin Rejuvenating Green Tea Skin Elixir by The Beauty Sailor that hydrates your skin for an everlasting glow. The Orange extract used in the skin elixir carries astringent qualities and helps in correcting the skin's oil balance. The well-known antioxidant properties of ginger and lemon in the elixir face serum undoubtedly makes it the perfect potion to soften and tone your skin. In addition, the elixir prepares your skin to fight against environmental stressors. Our skin goes through a lot of everyday, and to treat it; there is nothing better than Green Tea Skin Elixir.

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