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Goji Berry

Goji Berry Extract

Goji Berry

An ancient and traditional Chinese medicine, Gojiberry is now used worldwide for its skincare properties. The benefits of berries have not been hidden; they are known to revitalize the skin. Goji berries, in particular, helps in maintaining youthful and shining skin. They fight the free radicals introduced to our skin by the harmful UV rays, pollution, etc., in the environment. Gojiberry has the ability to regenerate skin cells and make the skin healthy and bright.


  • Gojiberry keeps the skin hydrated and enables it to retain moisture for a longer time.

  • It contains high amounts of antioxidants, hence protecting the skin's barrier function and fighting wrinkles' formation. 

  • Gojiberry is also beneficial for brightening the skin since it has lycopene, a very famous ingredient in the world of skin brightening products.

  • Gojiberry promotes collagen production, due to which the skin looks more soft and elastic. It slows down the process of aging.
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Repair & Firming Green Tea Night Gel Cream 50 GM

The Beauty Sailor Green Tea Night Gel is an ultra-light, repair night gel-cream with Goji Berry Extract, Argan Oil, and high antioxidants to undo all the damages that are done to the skin during the entire day. "Liquid Emerald" or Green tea is derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant, majorly found in the Asian Continent. Unlike most of its counterparts, Green Tea is the least processed hence the healthiest one. This night cream for the face contains vitamin E, which is present in the Green Tea. These antioxidants work magically in moisturizing the skin overnight while you are enjoying a blissful sleep. It is best to armor your skin with Green Tea Night Gel for the battles it's going to fight the next day when you step out.

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