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"Babune ka Phool" or famously known as Chamomile, is a herb that comes from the Asteraceae plant family. Native to Asia, Australia, and Europe, the pretty and white chamomile flower has been a key ingredient in various skin care products. Essentially used for skin brightening, the flower offers an array of other skin benefits as well. It fights the damage caused by free radicals and boosts cell regeneration. It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines to give a smooth texture to the skin. Along with that, it is soothing for the skin, hair and overall health.


Skin Brightening

By inhibiting the production of melanin in skin cells, it helps to brighten the skin and tone down dark spots.

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Skin Brightening Cream for Dark Spot Removal | Anti Pigmentation, Skin Repair Cream for Healthy Glow – 50 GM

Skin Brightening Cream by The Beauty Sailor, brightens, lightens and evens the tone of your skin naturally. Powered with the superior formulation of Alpha Arbutin, Chamomile, and Bearberry Extract. The Beauty Sailor has brought to you and your delicate skin brightening cream that subtly but visibly lightens. Alpha Arbutin in the skin whitening cream is a hidden star ingredient that not everyone has heard of. he addition of "BabunekaPhool," or famously known as chamomile, is also a profitable ingredient that has been consumed for treating numerous health issues for over centuries.

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