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Bakuchi Oil


 A native of South Africa and China, Bakuchi seeds are kidney-shaped seeds from which Bakuchi Oil is extracted. Nowadays, they are easily found in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. Bakuchi is known for its medicinal use in India since ancient times. All parts of the plant have different qualities and are used for various purposes, but it's the seeds known for their maximum usage. 


It has anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it is capable of treating first-degree burns, for example, sunburns.

Skin Healer

Has great healing properties in addition to skin safety.


 It also has antibacterial and fungicidal properties, because of which the oil fights various skin infections.

Shrink White Patches

 Bakuchi oil helps in shrinking white patches. 

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Anti Aging Rejuvenating Skin Cream | Anti Wrinkle, Dark Spot Remover, Skin Renewal Cream – 50 GM

The Beauty Sailor Rejuvenating skin cream is a natural and non-greasy skin firming cream filled with potent anti-aging ingredients like Shea butter, Bakuchi Oil, and Vitamin E. The goodness of the clinically proven ingredients in the cream makes your skin look younger by reducing aging signs. The properties of Bakuchi Oil help your skin attain its natural pigmentation and also calm the skin.

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